Zhiyog Electronic System

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    • Open Bhutan NDI on your phone
    • Tap the Scan button located on the menu bar and capture code
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ZESt Credential

Credential for Employee Id sent to your wallet. New credentials will automatically revoke any previously issued credentials.
Login with Bhutan NDI to seamlessly access services online
  • Has been introduced as the foundation for Bhutan’s digital economy, facilitating trusted interactions between individuals and organizations.
  • Empowers you to take control of your personal data, enabling you to share only the information that is required for a specific transaction or interaction.
  • Allows you to experience remote onboarding on various platforms and online services without having to visit physical offices, reducing both time and cost.
  • Inspires you to embrace carbon-neutral life, reducing the need for physical paperwork, transportation, and energy consumption.
  • Supports integrated and seamless user experience, reducing the need for multiple memory-based login credentials to access online platforms.